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Mexican Redleg Tarantula

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Mexican Red Leg

The Mexican red leg tarantula’s native habitat is the arid scrublands of Mexico and Panama. Its abdomen is usually a reddish brown color and its legs are dark with red hairs. The red hair color varies from light to dark.

The spider will grow to have about a five to six inch leg span. Males usually live to be five years old. Females may live up to twenty years. The spider is very docile, calm and easy to handle if you choose to do so.

This spider is a very popular pet tarantula. It needs very little care and does not require a big cage. The Mexican redleg tarantula is suitable for beginners and experienced owners.

Care Sheet
A five to ten gallon tank with a locking screen top is a suitable enclosure for this tarantula. An under-tank heat pad should also be supplied. A substrate of bed-a-beast or eco earth about two inches deep should line the bottom of the tank.

A hide area or half log and a shallow water dish are the only other things required to be in its tank. No special lighting is required for the tarantula.

Gut-loaded crickets will be the primary diet for your spider. Mealworms or wax worms may also occasionally be fed to them. They should be feed about twice a week.

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