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Hikarie Mega Marine Algae Cube


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Hikari made a specific blend of natural and beneficial foods in one easy to use blister pack. With a mix including plankton, krill, clams, mussels, squid, spirulina and much more, Mega Marine is an all in one food for your reef tank inhabitants.

One Size Available

3.5 oz Blister Pack

Also available is Mega Marine Algae, and Mega Marine Angel.

Fish will naturally consume a mixture of foods throughout the day. Depending on what is naturally available they will normally eat what ever they can fit into their mouth. The specific blend used in Mega Marine is high in nutrients focusing on growth and coloration of fish.

Feeding Suggestions:
Feed only as much as your fish will consume in a 1 minute period multiple times a day. It is best to feed very small amounts multiple times a day over a single large feeding. Fish will naturally graze and scavenge for food throughout the day and by offering different foods multiple times a day will mimic their natural feeding instincts and lead to better coloration and overall healthier fish.

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